The Broke
Supply Story

How we got where we are

Saddle UP

We’re on a mission to make the best horse and rider gear on Earth for whatever adventure awaits you.


The Broke supply difference


We design and over-build every product to maintain the highest level of quality and function. All measures are taken to ensure Broke goods will not fail on the trail. If they do, we’ll fix or replace them.


In our business and in our lives, we never stop learning. Even after decades of product design and equine husbandry, we’re continually learning and are excited to share the journey.


We welcome anyone and any horse with a heart to join the ride, regardless of the equine activity of your choosing.


We don't treat horses as disposable tools. They are our partners and part of our herd/ family.


We push boundaries and challenge industry norms to encourage better experiences on the trail for both horse and rider. Dust clouds should be expected.

Who's in the Saddle


Chief Executive Rider

I love all animals land and sea... but especially horses. I’ve felt a connection and love for horses since I started riding at a young age. I’ve dabbled in many disciplines and at the end of the day, riding in the mountains is my favorite. There’s something about being in the stillness of nature with a majestic, intuitive creature that calms my soul. I love finding the perfect quiet spot to let my horse graze while I crack open a can of wine and listen to the wind through the trees.


Creative Director & Product Designer

For over 20 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to design products with globally recognized brands in the outdoor, action sport, tactical, pet, and medical markets. I’m no cowboy, but as a horse enthusiast, I was continuously seeking something that didn’t exist in the equine market for apparel or gear: quality, function, and fashion. So, using what I’ve learned from other industries, Annie and I teamed up to do something special in the equine space. We call it Broke.

Why the Name Broke?

1. A broke horse, to me, is a good horse. It's a positive not a negative. It's a solid horse with a solid foundation and a willing partner. It's not gained out of abuse or dominance but through a willing partnership.

2. The system is Broken. It goes back to point 1. If they don't have a solid foundation built on trust, they can easily end up in a bad place. Flipped from home to home to home. New owners, new riding styles, and often times misunderstood. They are often disposed of when they can't run fast enough, jump high enough, or, God forbid they grow old.

3. They make you Broke. We've all been there.

The greatest thing I've learned in life is that you can always change your opinion based on new information......
Stay teachable, never stop learning


Big Mama

North Amercan Spotted Draft

Taught me one of my greatest lessons. The lightest touch is all that's needed, even for the largest of horses, if the relationship is there.


Catahula / Blue Tick Mix

“Wild Thang” Runs for days and talks shit for even longer.


Bernese Mountain Dog

"The Lover" Protector of the Broke Ranch.

Dr. Jones

Tabby with Hemingway hands

“Wild Thang” Our TN tabby rescued outside a gas station. Feral dumpster diver / epic huntress.


Mini Horse

Taught me that I adore mini horses (even if just to brush their hair and hang out with them). They are as opinionated as cats and although they are small, they are mighty.

Olaf (Loaf)


“Australian Politician” Better travelled than most humans Ryan gave him to me when we lived in Australia because I couldn't work at first due to a visa and our dogs were in Quarantine. He's quite the traveled soul.

Pinot Gris

Tennessee Walker

Taught me that people who label mares as bitchy need to look deeper into the why. She had an underlying untreated hormonal condition when we bought her. She's not bitchy at all. Makes ya wonder about all those mare labels?


Paso Fino

Taught me to stay teachable. Never stop learning. He came from a rough past, and I learn something new from him every day. Plus he's just adorable.



“Defender of the Hay” Mostly human.


Tennessee Walker

Taught me that the most sensitive of horses can be the ones you develop the greatest partnerships with.


English Setter

“Stoic Ol’ Lady” Foster fail and heart-melter.

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