Saddle Up

We're on a mission to make the best horse and rider gear on earth for whatever adventure awaits you.


We design and over-build every product to maintain the highest level of quality and function. All measures are taken to ensure Broke goods will not fail on the trail. If they do, we’ll fix or replace them.


In our business and in our lives, we never stop learning. Even after decades of product design and equine husbandry, we’re continually learning and are excited to share the journey. 


We welcome anyone and anyhorse with a heart to join the ride, regardless of the equine activity you of your choosing.


As a guiding principal in our product design and our lives with horses, we try to imagine things from the horse’s perspective. To walk a mile in their horse shoes, so to speak.


We push boundaries and challenge industry norms to encourage better experiences on the trail for both horse and rider. Dust clouds should be expected.

Who's in the saddle


Chief Executive Rider

I love all animals land and sea…but especially horses. 

I’ve felt a connection and love for horses since I started riding at a young age. I’ve dabbled in many disciplines and at the end the day, riding in the mountains is my favorite. There’s something about being in the stillness of nature with a majestic, intuitive creature that calms my soul.


Creative Director & Product Designer

For over 20 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to design
products with globally recognized brands in the outdoor, action sport, tactical, pet, and medical markets. I’m no cowboy, but as a horse enthusiast, I was continuously seeking something that didn’t exist in the equine market for apparel or gear: quality, function, and fashion.  So, using what I’ve learned from other industries, Annie and I teamed up to do something special in the equine space. We call it Broke.

Who's on the Trail

Big Mama

North American Spotted Draft

Herd Leader since 2011, currently retired

Take my food & prepare for pain


Tennessee Walker

"Party Animal"

Zero to 60 in a millisecond.

Pinot Gris

Tennessee Walker

"The Calm"


Paso Fino

"The herd fella"


Mini Horse

The little with a huge heart

Up for anything


Bernese Mountain Dog

"The Lover"

Big body, but scared of stuff


Catahula / Blue Tick Mix

"Wild Thang"

Runs for days and talks shit even longer.


English Setter

"Stoic Ol' Lady"

Foster fail / heart melter

Olaf (Loaf)


"Australian Politician"

Better travelled than most humans.



"Defender of the Hay"

Mostly Human

Dr. Jones

Tabby with Hemmingway hands

"Wild Thang"

Feral dumpster diver / epic huntress

Why the name?

To be "broke" isn't to be broken, but rather to be connected. A broke horse will be your lifelong companion. A kindred soul that trusts you as much as you trust them. A partner you can depend on through the dusty trail of life.